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Essential Art – Work by Blue Mountain Gallery artists during the pandemic 






During this time of the COVID19 crisis, artists have responded in various creative ways to the challenges of making and sharing their work.  We are posting a series of stories on this page, on our facebook page and we will be sending out emails. To join our email list, go to our contact page and leave us a note.

Clifford Thompson

        Clifford Thompson, Child and Toy 20x24 acrylic on canvas

My visual work during the pandemic, based on these four paintings, seems to have two modes: defiance and surrender. The first, Red Guitar in a Bar with Books, shows people gathering in a place with live music, which I haven’t done since this whole mess started and don’t know when I’ll do again—but which I’m free to do, in spite of everything, in a painting. The second, Child and Toy, is more of an acknowledgment of what is happening, but is also a reflection of how I often feel generally: that we (we are the blue toy man) are running in place while at the mercy of forces that show no obvious signs of being a grand design, that may as well have come from, well, the mind of a child.


The third, which is titled Influences, is back to defiance mode: the figure is working away, under the various influences shown, from the fictional Miles Davis album to the books on the shelf to the bottle of wine. And the last, The Gift, touches on issues of illness and loss that have not been far from anyone’s mind these last few months.

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