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Between the Lines

July 9 -27, 2019

Reception: July 11, 6-8 pm

Lindy Blanchard, Linda Butti, Pamela Casper, Randi Jane Davis, Diana Freedman-Shea, Natalie Giugni, Carol Gromer, Elizabeth Hasegawa Agresta, Tamar Hirschl, Benice Horowitz, Sarah Katz, Karen Kirshner, Sueim Koo, Sheila Kriemelman, Anna Kuchel Rabinowitz, Yumie Kusuda, Stephanie S. Lee, Valerie Patritti, Leah Poller, Siena Gillann Porta, Stephanie Rauschenbusch, Julia A. Rogge, Peggy Silverstein, Rachelle Weisberger, Lucy Wilner 

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Reading between the lines means discerning the opacity of language—how it can hide secrets. A reader or listener guesses at these secrets, which may be encoded just for him or her. In The Tale of Genji lovers communicate through poems with suggestive undertones and references. They are speaking and writing from their deep knowledge of Japanese and Chinese poems, learned as they practiced calligraphy from anthologies. Even the quality of the calligraphy can be an encoded signal of real accomplishment and originality or the banality of the calligrapher’s personality.

In just such a way, painters and sculptors do their complex work, based on skill, expertise, education, experience, and imagination—and yes—private and deeply felt messages or codes. One artist may be obsessed with maps of places meaningful to her, while others may paint landscapes, people, objects and abstract forms that match their living experiences or dreams. The viewer senses the presence of the reality “between the lines.”





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Summer 2019 Juried Show 

      Jurors ERIC AHO, painter

     RACHEL PORTESI, photograher  



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