2016 Small Works Invitational

August 2-20, 2016

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This August the Blue Mountain Gallery will showcase 65 artists invited by our gallery members to exhibit small works on paper. The show runs from August 2 -20, 2016 and the invited artists will be introduced at a reception Thursday, August 4th from 5-8 PM.

As one of New York’s longest running and best known artist run galleries, Blue Mountain consistently hosts exciting discoveries at its invitational exhibitions. This year we look forward to a wide variety of ideas and works as the seemingly simple “on paper” instruction is interpreted by the various artists.
The artists in the exhibition:

Richard Arnold Wendy Gittler Heidi Nitze
Robert Axelrod Janet Gorzegno Perry Obee
Violet Baxter Larry Groff Marjorie Portnow
Elizabeth Bisbing Suzanne Guppy Pieter Prall
Sergio Bitici Tamora Harding-Childs Leah Raab
Karen Bonanno Christy Hayner Abbie Rabinowitz
Souby Boski Sally Jacobs Thaddeus Radell
Patricia Bouley Andy Karnes Chris A Randolph
Silvere Boureau Frances Kidder Asa Schick
Pam Bowers Timothy King Suzan Scott
Lelia Byron Bernice Sokol Kramer Deborah Sherman
Jane Capellaro Natalia Koren Kropf Francis Sills
Nicholas Christopher Jackie Lima Stewart Siskind
Grace Colletta Timothy Magenta Barbara Slitkin
Sarah D’Ambrosio Amy Mahnick Corinne Speidel
Isabelle Day Megan Marden Eileen Tavolacci
Anne Delaney Patricia Melvin Gerda Van Leeuwen
Marsha Doran Kathy A.Moore Joy Walker
Donna Festa Blake Morgan Katie Weiss
Chris Fletcher Robert Morrissey Judith Wyer
Stephanie Franks
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