2017 Summer Show Gallery Artists

August 1-19, 2017

Reception August 3, 5-8 pm

Blue Mountain Gallery is showcasing gallery artists in Summer Show, August 1 -19, with a reception on Thursday August 3 from 5 to 8 PM. Summer Show reflects a range of subjects and styles in a display of drawings, paintings, prints, and sculpture.

Blue Mountain Gallery is one of New York’s longest running and best known artist run galleries. A recent exhibit at the Grey Gallery at NYU brought a great deal of attention to the important role of cooperatives in the 1950’s and 60’s. Blue Mountain, which began (originally as Green Mountain Gallery) in the late 60’s when Soho was emerging as an art epicenter, shares that important history. Its members believe there continues to be a crucial role for cooperatives in today’s increasingly commercially exclusive art world. 

Right next to the Highline and not far from the new Whitney, Blue Mountain Gallery is in the heart of the Chelsea art district.

A group show of works that are large in scale or theme will follow in November at the Westbeth Gallery, “Thinking Big”   Nov. 2-25, also pictured on the gallery website

A selection of images, with images added weekly

Artists in the exhibition:

Janet Sawyer                   Mary Lou Alberetti            Margaret Grimes

Jeanie Wing                    Marie Van Elder                  Marcia Clark

Carol Heft                        Richard Mills                      Gina Sawin

Gulgun Aliriza                Joan Marie Kelly                 Alakananda Mukerji

Richard Castellana        Charles Kaiman                   Pamela Berkeley

Leslie Brill                        Doug Anderson                  Robert Alberetti

Helene Manzo                Jennifer Toth                       Owen Gray

Margaret Leveson          Anne Diggory


Blue Mountain Gallery | 547 W. 27th Street, Suite 200 , New York, NY 10001 | Wednesday-Saturday noon-6PM | Phone: 646-486-4730

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