Anne Diggory: biOcular 2015

March 24 – April 18, 2015

Blue Mountain Gallery presents biOcular, an exhibition by Anne Diggory that includes hybrid works combining photography and painting in urban and Adirondack landscapes as well as the clutter of everyday living. The exhibition presents paired mediums, doubled objects, paired compositions, Paris in both light and dark, and a large work with two canvases joined at a corner.

For Diggory’s recent exhibition, Hybrid Visions, at The Hyde Collection in Glens Falls, NY, the curator Erin Coe wrote :

“While many contemporary artists employ the tools of digital technology to alter photographic images, Diggory stands out for using photography and Photoshop as the catalyst for painting. With each layer of actual painting, photography, reproduced paint and digital manipulation, she simulates the experience of shifting vision and investigates the complexities and nuances of visual truth. On the surface these works appear to be steeped in the tradition of American landscape painting; in actuality, they challenge these conventions, revealing an artist who is deeply engaged with the cultural landscape of the past and present.”

Several Lake George images were inspired by Diggory’s research for an essay on the painting locations of the 19th century painter, John Frederick Kensett, which was published in the December 2014 Metropolitan Museum Journal. 

In an essay about Diggory’s hybrid work for the March/April (2015) issue of Adirondack Life Magazine, the poet Jay Rogoff describes  her hybrid approach as “startling and disorienting, as well as beautiful,” with “mysterious, absorbing blends.”