Rosemary Dunbar: Swimming to Cuba

Rosemary Dunbar: Swimming to Cuba – March 25 – April 19, 2008

Rosemary Dunbar’s show at Blue Mountain Gallery entitled “Swimming to Cuba”, opens on March 25.  The opening reception at Blue Mountain Gallery is on March 27 from 5-8:00pm. The work in the show is comprised of images of swimming and swimmers. The images are often layered, broken apart and put back together to reveal various views.  The vocabulary of her work includes underlying grids, text and symbols relating to the image. The larger pieces are diptychs of oil on paper showing floating bathers or more actively synchronized swimmers.  The smaller scale pieces are oils painted on Cuban cigar box lids removed from their original boxes.  The imagery includes symbols for waves, wind, currents, bubbles — and, dominoes. Traces of text, an underlying grid and the original cigar box design can often be found beneath the surface.  The high-keyed palette gives the pieces a Carribbean disposition, reflecting the years the artist spent in Miami.

Marcia Clark: In Search of Ice : Recent paintings from the Arctic

Marcia Clark: In Search of Ice : Recent paintings from the Arctic – February 26 – March 22, 2008

Marcia Clark’s paintings in this traveling exhibition reflect her recent travels to the Arctic. In 2006 she visited Norway’s Svalbard Archipelago and in 2007 she was in northwest Greenland as artist in residence at the Upernavik Museum. Her focus in this exhibition is on the forever fluctuating, mutating, and transforming nature of the polar ice.

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Nancy Beal: The Days – Recent Paintings

Nancy Beal: The Days – Recent Paintings – January 29 – February 23, 2008

An exhibition of recent paintings of Nancy Beal will be on view at the Blue Mountain Gallery from January 29 to February 23, 2008.

Nancy Beal’s work is notable for capturing the dazzle of a summer day in large on-site paintings.  Lush foreground gardens are set in spacious landscapes.  The gesture of brushstroke, abundant light and the dance of paint combine in dynamic balance.  A fullness of detail and breadth of spirit convey the radiance of the days. An exhibition of recent paintings of Nancy Beal will be on view at the Blue Mountain Gallery from January 29 to February 23, 2008.

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Sharyn Finnegan: Time/Travel

Sharyn Finnegan: Time/Travel – January 2 –26, 2008

Blue Mountain Gallery takes pleasure in announcing Sharyn Finnegan’s exhibit, Time/Travel, from Jan 2 until Jan 26.  It is the tenth solo show of her career and the most varied and rich to date.  It includes landscape and self portrait paintings, drawings, wall text and a podcast downloadable from her website,  The images come from the coasts of England, Iceland, Newfoundland, Denmark and around her NY and Vermont homes.  A few paintings span observations made over a twenty-five year period.  Change, whether from light or time, is the major subject.  With the podcast and wall text, Finnegan contextualizes Time/Travel from her journal writings.

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Erica Child Prud’homme: Portraits

Erica Child Prud’homme: Portraits – November 27 – December 29, 2007

In her sixth solo show at Blue Mountain Gallery, Erica Child Prud’homme’s portraits are a departure from her more familiar work.  Former shows have presented studies of the natural world, land and seascapes, and the human figure as an integral part of nature.   The new paintings describe a different terrain:  cheekbones and brows, sunlight on hair, introspection or amusement.

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Leslie K. Brill: What the Trees Say

Leslie K. Brill: What the Trees Say – October 30 – November 24, 2007

In her third solo show, “What the Trees Say,” at the Blue Mountain Gallery, Leslie K. Brill offers an intimate experience with trees, color, and paint.  Her paintings range from the symbolic to a kind of unique arboreal portraiture. First Tree, for example, reflects the vitality of all trees, while Junction, an utterly different sort of interaction, shows the turgid twists and turns, stops and starts, that are the distinctive markings of one very mature tree.

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Deborah Stern: Acoustic Paintings

Deborah Stern: Acoustic Paintings – October 2-27, 2007

Blue Mountain Gallery presents an exhibition of recent paintings by Deborah Stern. The show features structural abstract paintings with a distinctly elongated vertical orientation.  The layers and levels of invention and method result in complex imagery that does not easily conform to familiar definitions of style or simple interpretation.

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New Beginnings – Gallery Artists

An exhibition featuring gallery artists, September 4-29, 2007, at Blue Mountain Gallery.

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