Rosemary Dunbar: By Hand: Postcards from China and the Calligrapher’s Dream

By Hand: Postcards from China and The Calligrapher’’s Dreams

Reception: Thursday May 26th, 6-8pm

The works in this show are modest in scale emphasizing handmade intimacy and personal communication. In “Postcards from China” the souvenir Chinese postcards have a vintage, nostalgic feel. The monoprint technique used in painting reveals the limits of recollection as the image on the postcard is imperfectly printed onto the face of the postcard. Encrypted binary symbol messages on the front of the card replace the short, cheery sentences normally found on the back which detail the writer’s location and activities that are unique to that place. The postcard reminds the viewer that modern text messaging and encrypted communications with text and pictures on the internet are not really so far from the 140 character message found on increasingly obsolete picture postcards sent through physical public channels.

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Burt Van Deusen: Paintings and Drawings

Painting and Drawings April 26 – May 21, 2011

Reception: Thursday April 28, 2011 / 5 to 8 PM

In his first one-person-show at the Blue Mountain Gallery, Burt Van Deusen is showing work done during the past five years. The paintings and drawings are invented cloudscapes painted or drawn in a direct manner. The work reveals inventiveness and attention to where the paint takes imagination. All the work shown was produced in his studio, which he maintains in Springs, New York.

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Leslie K. Brill: Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location Mar 29 – Apr 23, 2011

Reception: Saturday, April 2nd from 3 to 6pm

Leslie K. Brill’s fourth solo show at the Blue Mountain Gallery celebrates locations in which she has divided her time over the last several years. She has grouped her work into three series, the first of which she calls “The Ithaca Series.” Brill spends a good part of her time in Ithaca, New York, and her paintings of trees that grace the area are treated in an energetic manner while remaining portrait-like in appearance. Also in this series are paintings of Slope Day at Cornell, works that humorously acknowledge the presence of academic and transient people who populate the city.

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Erica Prud’homme: Earth/Water

Earth/Water March 1-26, 2011

Reception March 3, 6-8 pm

Where earth and water meet, solid versus liquid spheres, we see the planet’s variety, its strength and its fragility. The threat posed by global warming, the recent tsunamis and the many floods around the world underscore our inability to control nature. Water’s depth and energy as it laps shores or sluices through valleys, the places where earth and water meet, demand our attention and respect.

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Barbara Segal: On Gardiner’s Bay – Paintings and Drawings

Barbara Segal’s exhibition, “On Gardiner’s Bay — Paintings and Drawings”, will be on view at the Blue Mountain Gallery from February 1 to 26, 2011. There will be an artist”s reception on Thursday, February 3rd from 5 to 8 pm.

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Janet Sawyer: New Work

New Work : January 4-29 – 2011

These new paintings have many elements familiar to those who know Janet Sawyer’s work, while they also embrace a more abstract persona. The new works exult the qualities her art has been recognized for such as: The “distinctive flatness in her simple block like presentation” described by Jonathan Goodman in his Art in America review.

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Evolution of a Gallery: Green Mountain to Blue Mountain 1968-2010

Dedicated to Lucien Day: artist, gallery owner/director, eventual co-op member and beloved friend.

A full color catalogue with artists’ recollections accompanies the exhibition and can be downloaded here.

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Margaret Grimes: New Work

Margaret Grimes: NEW WORK

October 5-30

Reception October 7th, 5-8pm

In her latest show at Blue Mountain Gallery, which opens on October 5th with a reception for the artist October 7th from 5-8, Margaret Grimes shows three large canvases and a series of small ones all depicting woods and thickets.

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Linda Smith: Summer’s End: Paintings


September 7 – October 2, 2010

Artist’s Reception: Sat. Sept. 11th, 3–6 PM

It is the last day of vacation. In a small illuminated pool by the sea, an extended family stands transfixed as a trio plays mellow jazz beneath the moonlight. This vision began Linda Smith’s series, Summer’s End. The power of paint and composition transforms fleeting images into art that transports us to a place of possibilities and dreams. Children, the essence of our humanity, jumping through vaporous skies fly free. The ever-changing patterns of water reflect the moods of swimmers whose presence impacts on this precious element. Water envelopes the figures caressing and reinventing human form.

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Small Works Invitational 2010: Works on Paper

Works on Paper

August 3-24th

Reception: August 5, 5-8 pm

Blue Mountain Gallery will present work by emerging and established artists in an exhibition of small works on paper from August 3 through 24. The gallery has had a tradition of Small Works Invitationals since 1994. This format gives Blue Mountain Gallery an opportunity to show works by a broad range of guest artists who are selected by our gallery artists.

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