Evolution of a Gallery: Green Mountain to Blue Mountain 1968-2010

Dedicated to Lucien Day: artist, gallery owner/director, eventual co-op member and beloved friend.

A full color catalogue with artists’ recollections accompanies the exhibition and can be downloaded here.

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Margaret Grimes: New Work

Margaret Grimes: NEW WORK

October 5-30

Reception October 7th, 5-8pm

In her latest show at Blue Mountain Gallery, which opens on October 5th with a reception for the artist October 7th from 5-8, Margaret Grimes shows three large canvases and a series of small ones all depicting woods and thickets.

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Linda Smith: Summer’s End: Paintings


September 7 – October 2, 2010

Artist’s Reception: Sat. Sept. 11th, 3–6 PM

It is the last day of vacation. In a small illuminated pool by the sea, an extended family stands transfixed as a trio plays mellow jazz beneath the moonlight. This vision began Linda Smith’s series, Summer’s End. The power of paint and composition transforms fleeting images into art that transports us to a place of possibilities and dreams. Children, the essence of our humanity, jumping through vaporous skies fly free. The ever-changing patterns of water reflect the moods of swimmers whose presence impacts on this precious element. Water envelopes the figures caressing and reinventing human form.

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Small Works Invitational 2010: Works on Paper

Works on Paper

August 3-24th

Reception: August 5, 5-8 pm

Blue Mountain Gallery will present work by emerging and established artists in an exhibition of small works on paper from August 3 through 24. The gallery has had a tradition of Small Works Invitationals since 1994. This format gives Blue Mountain Gallery an opportunity to show works by a broad range of guest artists who are selected by our gallery artists.

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Jan Holthoff: Lost Place

lost place

July 13-31,2010

Reception: Thursday July 15, 5-8pm

Jan Holthoff studied Visual Art at the Art Academy of Duesseldorf, Germany. He completed his dissertation on “Kulturraum Europa” in Baden-Baden, Zurich, and Vienna. He has had various solo exhibitions throughout Germany, Vienna, NYC, Montenegro, and is part of the art collections “Philara” (Dusseldorf, Germany) and “National Museum Buca-Tivat” (Montenegro). He has also co-written numerous art catalogues.

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Western Connecticut State University: MFA 2010

Western Connecticut State University — MFA 2010

June 22 – July 10, 2010

Reception: Thursday, June 24, 5-8 pm

For more information about the artists go to: The WCSU graduate studies website :http://www.wcsu.edu/graduate/degrees/moabiomsa.asp and click on the link on the far right side.

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Carol Heft: Transformation and Chaos: Bits and Pieces

Transformation and Chaos: Bits and Pieces

New work by Carol Heft

May 25 ­to June 19, 2010

Carol Heft, uses recycled materials in an exhibition of her new work at the Blue Mountain Gallery. The Gallery reception will be held on May 27, Thursday, 5:00-8:00 PM. There will be a concert by the Bill Warfield Quartet, and a gallery talk on Sunday, May 30, from 2:00-5:00 PM.

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Helene Manzo: Platte Cove: Paintings & Monotypes

PLATTE COVE: Paintings and Monotypes

April 27- May 22, 2010

Artists Reception – Thursday April 29th, 5-8 pm

Helene Manzo is a working artist living in New York City for over thirty years. In the summer of 2008 she was awarded an artists residency at Platte Clove, a nature preserve located in upstate New York. Found on 208 acres of wild, old growth forest and an ancient gorge with staggering multi-tiered waterfalls, it was an ideal setting for Manzo to explore further her deep fascination with water, a recurring theme in her artwork over the years. Manzo sees water as a powerful life force that is ever changing yet constant. She captures its movement, reflections of light, and colors as a counterpoint to the still forest around it.

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Rose Weinstock: Cloudscapes


Mar 30, 2010 – Apr 24, 2010

Rose Weinstock’s newest body of work focuses on cloudscapes that express a wide range of emotions. The moods vary from the serenity and joyousness of calm blue-skied days with billowy cumulus clouds, to the somber overcast skies of rainy days and finally to the thrilling excitement of vibrantly colored sunsets.

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Alexander Purves: Watercolors


Watercolors by Alexander Purves will be exhibited in a solo show at the Blue Mountain Gallery in from March 2nd through March 27th, 2010. An artist’s reception will be held on Thursday, March 4th, from 5:00 to 8:00.

The watercolors of Alexander Purves are made from the direct observation of nature. His approach emphasizes the immediacy of the medium and its ability to capture – with minimal means – the ephemeral quality of light. The watercolor is applied in transparent layers, the unpainted white paper often acting as a positive element in the composition. Rock formations are a recurrent subject, their aspect varying from moment to moment with the changing quality of the light. These rock paintings are made on a small island in the St. Lawrence River, where he spends part of each summer. Another frequent subject is the winter landscape of northwestern Connecticut where he maintains a studio. The colors and textures of this landscape are reflected both in sketches of folding hills and in more focused studies of tangled brambles seen from the studio window. In commenting on his 2006 show at the Blue Mountain Gallery, William Zimmer observed, “[His] subjects are innately unglamorous, yet following Ruskin in this tendency to embrace the overlooked in nature, Alec Purves keeps coaxing eloquence out of brambles and rocks.”

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