Charles Kaiman: Recent Paintings


October 6-31, 2009

The exhibition was Charles Kaiman’s fourteenth one person show in New York City. Kaiman has been painting daily for the last fifty years. He studied with Edwin Dickinson and Jean Liberte at the Art Students’ League in the 1960’s. He paints in the tradition of the master American painters Dickinson and Hawthorne, using careful modulation of color-value while working directly from the motif in natural light. His current show consists primarily of still life motifs. He has exhibited nationally and internationally and his work is in multiple public and private collections. The American Journal of Nursing is featuring his painting as the cover of the September 2009 issue. He has been featured numerous times in the Art of Nursing section in AJN. He has a dual career as a painter and as an advanced practice psychiatric nurse. He counsels veterans with PTSD, many from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. His dual careers give him insight into a broad array of human experience, which have contributed to his artwork’s richness.

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Cornelia Kubler Kavanagh: Arctic Ice Melt: Moulins of My Mind

September 8, 2009 – October 3, 2009

Read Baldwin: An Exhibition of Landscape Paintings

New Work: An Exhibition of Landscape Paintings

Jul 29, 2009 – Aug 15, 2009 Reception : Thursday July 30, 6-8pm
Read Baldwin is a landscape painter who teaches at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. He paints predominantly in and around the White Mountains of New Hampshire. In his current exhibit there are also images from the preserved National Trust lands in England where he lived in 2007-08. These are places not only of great beauty, but also of environmental significance and part of our collective natural commons. These ecosystems–mountains, moors, and coastal zones–have been chiseled and shaped by natural forces over time and are now being altered by manmade global changes.

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Artifex Studio From Mexico: Those Varnishing Days: Egg Tempera Paintings from Mexico

Those Varnishing Days — Artifex Studio from Mexico
Rebeca Martínez, Alejandro Barrera, Alicia Amador, Marta Hernández , Oscar Ojeda, Sergio Balderas

The Blue Mountain Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of Artifex Studio (Mexico), presenting egg tempera works of six Mexican artists: Alicia Amador, Sergio Balderas, Alejandra Barrera, Marta Hernández, Rebeca Martínez and Oscar Ojeda.

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Western Connecticut State University: MFA 2009

Graduate students in the M.F.A. program in Visual Arts at Western Connecticut State University will be exhibiting their thesis work at Blue Mountain Gallery in June. The exhibition, which will open June 16th, is the capstone event in a two year period of intensive study highlighted by bi-weekly visits from nationally recognized visiting artists and field trips to major museums and galleries.

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Jennifer Toth: Misgivings

Jennifer Toth:  Misgivings

April 21 – May 16, 2009

Jennifer Toth’s work primarily focuses on variations of self-portraiture. She combines animal representations with the human form to create fantastical narratives. These narratives suggest inner struggles, especially fear of loneliness as well as fear of intimate commitment. Her powerful images can evoke a sense of anger but also power. These often discordant themes are woven together with humor and imagination. Toth has always been interested in the way women choose to depict themselves. Her view dramatically differs from a stereotypical male’s view of the female model. She chooses to include elements that are not traditionally viewed as beautiful—-a deformed toe, hairy legs, unkempt hair. For Toth, self-portraiture is a harrowing search for identity. Toth is committed to the process of translating forms from life onto two-dimensional surfaces, and so she works from elaborate set-ups and unusual props to transcend otherwise-typical limitations.

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Deborah Stern: Reverberation

Deborah Stern has lived throughout the US, currently residing in the Arizona desert. She received a BFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute, mentored by the great Bay Area painter Julius Hatofsky, and an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a prolific multimedia painter, impossible to label by style, having produced over 23,000 drawings for one solo exhibition, a 108’ painting for another, and most recently exhibited 23 scroll paintings, each 108” x 29”.

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Sam Jungkurth: Nudes in a Geometric Landscape

Sam Jungkurth began his series “Nudes in a Geometric Landscape” in 2008 exploring the dynamic interaction of the human form placed within a geometric design. Color sculpts the geometry into habitable space where human drama comes to life. Line defines form and composition. Sam Jungkurth finds endless possibilities within these aesthetic confines bringing a fresh insight to the human condition.

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Galerie Mani: Art from Berlin

Four artists from Galerie Mani: Marie-Claire Feltin, Mehdi Majd-Amin, Elias Maya, Barbara Deutschmann

The Blue Mountain Gallery is pleased to announce a show of Galerie Mani from Berlin, presenting works of 4 artists from Germany: the painters Marie-Claire Feltin, Mehdi Majd-Amin and Elias Maya and the sculptor Barbara Deutschmann. The exhibition dates are November 25 – December 27. Please join us on Saturday, November 29 from 3 – 6 p.m. for a reception. All four artists will attend the reception and the director of Galerie Mani will speak about their works and conceptions.

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Anne Diggory: Change of Course

Anne Diggory has painted out of her studio in Saratoga Springs, New York, for over 30 years and has been featured in Adirondack Life, American Artist Magazine, and The New York Times. She is known for her combination of carefully observed detail with expressive painting and strong abstract structure – an outgrowth of education at Yale and Indiana University and many years of exploring and painting the natural world.

View her work online at


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