Blue Mountain Gallery Artists: The White Show

Winter Show : Features New Artists

December 3 – 30, 2009

Reception: Saturday, December 3rd 3-6 pm

For the December Winter Show, Blue Mountain Gallery presents an exhibition of work by gallery artists and features work by five new artists. It is a show of small works, thematically diverse, and featuring larger pieces by artists who have recently joined the gallery.

Gulgun Aliriza “My work exposes a unique underlying potential within a deeply private dialogue with a particular setting. I focus on life and objects in my immediate surroundings through portrait, landscape and still-life motifs. It may appear more like exercises in picture-making than revelations about a place or thing.”

Douglas Anderson has returned as a full member of Blue Mountain. In his current work, he simplifies his vocabulary and limits color to black and white. Anderson is attracted to the directness of paint or ink on absorbent rice paper, which demands an assured but spontaneous approach.

Marjorie Kramer moved from New York to Vermont in 1979 and that is perhaps why her recent paintings of lower Manhattan from Governors Island are slightly romantic. She works from direct perception of landscape, as well as presenting feminist points of view in other subjects.

Susan Sommer “Using traditional oil painting methods, my painting in this exhibit represents an ongoing exploration of the infinite possibilities for rhythms of color in nature. Working consistently over the last thirty years at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, I have aspired to see and listen to the beat of this exquisite environment.”

Sam Thurston, sculptor and painter, swerves between realism and myth. His wood sculpture in the December show, Manto’s Departure is illustrative of this dichotomy. He used a model but the sculpture looks imaginary–the real and the imaginary are in battle.

Blue Mountain Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM . For more information please see our website at or call us at 646.486.4730.

Gulgun Aliriza, Margaret Grimes, Geraldo Perez, Douglas Anderson, Carol Heft, Erica Prud’homme, Nancy Beal, Marilyn Honigman, Alexander Purves, Leslie K. Brill, Sam Jungkurth, Victoria Salzman, Marie-Annick Brown, Charles Kaiman, Gina Sawin, Suzie Buchholz, Cornelia Kubler Kavanagh, Janet Sawyer, Michael Chelminski, Marjorie Kramer, Barbara Segal, Marcia Clark, John Leavey, Linda Smith, Anne Diggory, Margaret Leveson, Susan Sommer, Rosemary Dunbar, Helene Manzo, Deborah Stern, Ken Ecker, Alakanada Mukerji, Sam Thurston, Judith Evans, Janie Paul, Jennifer Toth, Matthew Feinman, Manuela Paul, Burt Van Deusen, Sharyn Finnegan, Chris Pelletiere, Rose Weinstock, Owen Gray, Jeanie Wing,