Blue Mountain Gallery Speaker Series

The Blue Mountain Gallery announces a new speaker series

“New Perspectives: Alternative Histories of the Art of the Last 60 Years”

First program:  David Cohen      “Canons for Contrarians”

April 16th, 7 pm

Many artists in NYC and elsewhere have long felt that the art of the last 60 years has been viewed from a limited perspective and that the same art historical analysis is repeated over and over. It is in the interest of broadening viewpoints that we have started this series.

 Your donation of any amount to our series will help to air new viewpoints and make discussion of art more vital and germane.

Until March 19th donations can be made via Indiegogo 

After March 19th, donations can be mailed directly to the gallery

Our first speaker will be David Cohen, editor and publisher of, the online arts magazine, founder-moderator of The Review Panel, a critics forum hosted by the National Academy Museum and by the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Formerly Gallery Director at the New York Studio School and art critic at the New York Sun and he currently serves as visiting associate professor at Pratt Institute as well as teaching at other institutions. His talk will be titled “Canons for Contrarians” and will be presented on Tuesday, April 16, 2013, at 7:00pm.  We will then resume our speaker series in the 2013-14 season. Any funds raised and not spent on the launch will be used then. We hope this series goes on for years!  Will you be a founding sponsor?

Donated funds will go for speaker fees, image projection equipment, publishing the talk on the Internet and/or in print, advertising, technical support and incidentals.



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