BMG Membership

Blue Mountain Gallery
530 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10001
646 486 4730
Blue Mountain Gallery is an artist-run cooperative gallery.
Membership at Blue Mountain offers individual artists freedom from the restrictions of a
commercial gallery and the opportunity to exhibit their work on a regular basis.
Each gallery member is entitled to a one person show every three to three and one half years
and is also included in group shows. Each artist is responsible for his or her own exhibition,
preparing announcements and other publicity, doing the mailings, installing the show, and
ordering refreshments for the opening reception. Openings are currently on Thursdays 5 to 8
The officers of the gallery include a director, a secretary, a webmaster, a treasurer and sitting
schedule coordinator. Everyone is expected to serve either as an officer or on a committee,
helping to create group exhibitions, do general outreach, or paint and make general repairs and
improvements to the gallery space. The membership shares in the gallery sitting schedule.
Meetings are scheduled each month at which we discuss current projects and concerns and
review the work of artists interested in membership. Monthly dues are currently $155 for intown members and $265 for out-of-town members. The initial fee to join is $500

Please submit a CD with 20 images and a resume with self-addressed stamped envelope. Your
material will be considered at the next meeting. The membership will vote and notify you by
mail of our decision. We may ask to see examples of the original work.
This process can be accelerated by delivering a selection of five to six pieces along with the CD
during gallery hours on the date of a meeting. Contact gallery for meeting dates. Gallery hours
are Tuesday through Saturday 11 to 6 pm.

Blue Mountain Gallery | 530 West 25th St, 4th floor, New York, NY 10001 | Tuesday-Saturday 11AM-6PM | Phone: 646-486-4730

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