2016 Small Works Invitational

August 2-20, 2016

Reception: August 4th, 5-8 pm

This August the Blue Mountain Gallery will showcase 65 artists invited by our gallery members to exhibit small works on paper. The show runs from August 2 -20, 2016 and the invited artists will be introduced at a reception Thursday, August 4th from 5-8 PM.
As one of New York’s longest running and best known artist run galleries, Blue Mountain consistently hosts exciting discoveries at its invitational exhibitions. This year we look forward to a wide variety of ideas and works as the seemingly simple “on paper” instruction is interpreted by the various artists.
The artists in the exhibition:

Richard Arnold Wendy Gittler Heidi Nitze
Robert Axelrod Janet Gorzegno Perry Obee
Violet Baxter Larry Groff Marjorie Portnow
Elizabeth Bisbing Suzanne Guppy Pieter Prall
Sergio Bitici Tamora Harding-Childs Leah Raab
Karen Bonanno Christy Hayner Abbie Rabinowitz
Souby Boski Sally Jacobs Thaddeus Radell
Patricia Bouley Andy Karnes Chris A Randolph
Silvere Boureau Frances Kidder Asa Schick
Pam Bowers Timothy King Suzan Scott
Lelia Byron Bernice Sokol Kramer Deborah Sherman
Jane Capellaro Natalia Koren Kropf Francis Sills
Nicholas Christopher Jackie Lima Stewart Siskind
Grace Colletta Timothy Magenta Barbara Slitkin
Sarah D’Ambrosio Amy Mahnick Corinne Speidel
Isabelle Day Megan Marden Eileen Tavolacci
Anne Delaney Patricia Melvin Gerda Van Leeuwen
Marsha Doran Kathy A.Moore Joy Walker
Donna Festa Blake Morgan Katie Weiss
Chris Fletcher Robert Morrissey Judith Wyer
Stephanie Franks

Pamela Berkeley


Small Works 2015

 July 7 – 25, 2015     Reception Thursday July 9, 5-8 pm

In this summer’s Small Works Invitational 2015, Blue Mountain Gallery will present small paintings by artists who have been invited by our own gallery artists to exhibit with us in July.

As one of New York’s longest running and best known artist run galleries, Blue Mountain always presents exciting discoveries in its invitational exhibitions, and this year’s show will be a welcome addition to the many attractions in the area this summer. Located steps from the High Line and close to the new Whitney in the heart of Chelsea’s gallery district at 530 West 25th Street.

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Anne Diggory: biOcular 2015

March 24 – April 18, 2015

Blue Mountain Gallery presents biOcular, an exhibition by Anne Diggory that includes hybrid works combining photography and painting in urban and Adirondack landscapes as well as the clutter of everyday living. The exhibition presents paired mediums, doubled objects, paired compositions, Paris in both light and dark, and a large work with two canvases joined at a corner.

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Alakananda Mukerji: A Splash of Thoughts, A Touch of Color

November 25 – December 20, 2014

 Beginning November 25th, the Blue Mountain Gallery will present an exhibition,  A Splash of Thoughts and A Touch of Color, featuring a collection of drawings, paintings and lithographs by Alakananda Mukerji, an artist working in various media whose pieces have been featured in both New York and international shows.  Mukerji, who holds a professorship at Manhattanville College, currently works out of studios on both sides of the Hudson.

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2014 BMG Newsletter

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Burt Van Deusen: Chance Meetings

May 20 – June 14, 2014

On display from May 20,through June 14, 2014, at The Blue Mountain Gallery is the second one-person show of works by Burt Van Deusen.  The works shown were developed onPine Island,Florida, during the winter and spring of 2013.  All are charcoal drawings on paper.  They attempt to parallel natures interactions with certain human activities, both spiritual and physical.  The narrative is portrayed by some of nature’s basics elements: sky, fog, clouds, water and terra firma; and further reduced to white through near black by the use of charcoal: probably human’s first art medium.  The imagery is landscape-like, but not observations, they are invented fantasies, although they could occur.

The artist states: It is my hope that these drawings convey a quiet monumentality that will contribute to the observer’s natural inner search for a “sense of place” and belonging in their life and reality.


Richard Castellana: This and That

March 25 – April 19, 2014

Blue Mountain Gallery presents This and That, recent paintings by artist Richard Castellana.  The exhibition features more than a dozen works depicting still lifes, cityscapes, and landscapes, all replete with his innate eye for color and light.

Although Castellana’s painting style and themes vary, he maintains his signature touch—thus the title of the show, This and That.   Initially working from observation, his paintings develop through invented form, memory, and imagination.  While the influence of Bonnard, Matisse, Morandi, and Mondrian can be detected, Castellana’s practice is mainly a meditation on light and color; painting what is and is not there.

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Douglas Anderson 2013

Douglas Anderson: Recent Work         December 26 – January 26 2013


The artist returns to the gallery for his first solo show since 2006 with a series of abstract images on paper. Drawing his inspiration from the masters of calligraphy of China and Japan, who sometimes describe their approaches as “walking” or “running” styles, Anderson, in these new paintings, has created whole universes with no more than black ink or pencil. He is attracted to the metaphor walking/running and thinks it describes perfectly his attempts to draw at the speed of thought, which is sometimes slow and ponderous and sometimes faster than the hand can record.

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Sharyn Finnegan – Views

Views from West 9th and Elsewhere
December 26– January 25, 2013-14

Native New York artist, Sharyn Finnegan, is having a solo exhibit at the Blue Mountain Gallery dedicated to the view south from her mother’s window on West 9th Street in Greenwich Village, a view she looked at growing up, as well as early on the morning of the 11th of September 2001.

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