Doug Anderson 2016

Figures and Landscapes  Feb 2-27, 2016

Opening reception: February 6, 20163-6pm

The title of Doug Anderson’s 5th show at Blue Mountain Gallery is “Figures and Landscapes.” In this group of paintings he continues his exploration of the possibilities of ink on paper. The simplicity and directness of the technique is very amenable to an open-ended, intuitive approach such as his. Yet as simple as the technique appears, it also can be infinitely subtle; one can spend a whole lifetime mastering the expressive potential of ink on paper. In traditional Chinese painting, for example, an artist may spend decades or even his whole career mastering the painting of bamboo.

Artist statement: Barnett Newman said that we must speak about painting because painting cannot be spoken about.  To me this means that we talk around painting. We talk about approaches, techniques and mediums hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive beast. I don’t insist on any particular interpretation of my work; my paintings contain as many references to the natural or unnatural world as there are viewers to interpret them. At the same time, language is not sufficient to convey what paintings express. If figures emerge, or landscapes, or monsters or pure noise I am not overly concerned; the point for me is simply to paint as freely as I can within my self-imposed limitations. This open-ended approach both sustains my sense of discovery and allows viewers to bring their own imaginative perspectives to the images.  Infinite interpretations are possible, but to find figures, or landscapes, in these images is only one way to try to bridge the gulf between language and art.