Erica Prud’homme: Earth/Water

Earth/Water March 1-26, 2011

Reception March 3, 6-8 pm

Where earth and water meet, solid versus liquid spheres, we see the planet’s variety, its strength and its fragility. The threat posed by global warming, the recent tsunamis and the many floods around the world underscore our inability to control nature. Water’s depth and energy as it laps shores or sluices through valleys, the places where earth and water meet, demand our attention and respect.

Erica Child Prud’homme has been painting and drawing on the coast of Maine since childhood. The California coast north and south of San Francisco, with its dramatic heights and convoluted hills plunging into the Pacific has been an inspiration as well. Closer to home, Connecticut’s rivers and lakes illuminate the vast and delicate network of water heading to the sea, and have prompted many of her sketches and paintings.

This is Prud’homme’s 7th solo show at Blue Mountain Gallery. She studied art with her father Charles Child, with her uncle Paul Child, with Anna Walinska, and at the Art Students League. She did graduate studies in Anthropology at the University of New Mexico, worked as an architectural draftsman in Philadelphia, an exhibition designer at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, and as an art teacher at the West Side Montessori School.