Galerie Mani: Art from Berlin

Four artists from Galerie Mani: Marie-Claire Feltin, Mehdi Majd-Amin, Elias Maya, Barbara Deutschmann

The Blue Mountain Gallery is pleased to announce a show of Galerie Mani from Berlin, presenting works of 4 artists from Germany: the painters Marie-Claire Feltin, Mehdi Majd-Amin and Elias Maya and the sculptor Barbara Deutschmann. The exhibition dates are November 25 – December 27. Please join us on Saturday, November 29 from 3 – 6 p.m. for a reception. All four artists will attend the reception and the director of Galerie Mani will speak about their works and conceptions.

This exhibition is the beginning of a fruitful mutual exchange, the start of a cooperation between Blue Mountain Gallery New York and Galerie Mani Berlin. Next spring almost all artists from Blue Mountain Gallery will show their works in the rooms of Galerie Mani in the centre of Berlin-Charlottenburg. According to the conception of Galerie Mani which believes in the unity of the diverse, the four artists present their very different approaches to the world and art.Marie-Claire Feltin, born in France, explores the womens’ body between heaven an earth, i.e. in its material and spiritual dimension. Mehdi Majd-Amin, born in Iran, presents a series of paintings titled From Night to Light, in which he depicts the endless motion of the universe by taking his inspiration also from the movements of the Arabesque and Calligraphie. Elias Maya, born in Germany, recently became interested in computer supported drawing and digital prints, elaborating thus the dimension of Man in CyberspaceBarbara Deutschmann, often working in the form of memorials, explores the possibilities of the synthesis of such contrasting materials as wax and stone, the weak and the strong.