Geraldo Perez


 GERALDO PEREZ :  ex silentio

May 19 – June 13, 2015

Reception:  Thursday May 21, 5 – 8 pm

Blue Mountain Gallery is pleased to present new paintings by Geraldo Perez.  The exhibition is entitled “ex silentio”, a Latin phrase meaning “from silence”
The paintings are an exploration of contrasts and similarities in the evolving human condition, which he feels are rapidly defining who we are and where we may be going…constantly transforming physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual landscapes. Perez uses images from photographs and memory with vivid color and random composition, pushing the contrasts and allowing for the encounter of what is and what isn’t. The patterns and color variations serve as platforms from where to silently appreciate humanity and diversity. He presents the contrasts between non-gender conformists, non-binary brothers and sisters, c-walking kids, and the American suburban ideal and reality. 
Perez’ paintings are a daily practice of exploration and discovery.  He has studied with Stephen Greene at the Art Student’s League in New York and with David True, Don Kunz, Stewart Diamond, and Jack Whitten at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art.  He is based in New York and Chicago. 
This is Perez’s second solo show at Blue Mountain Gallery.
Recent Exhibition :  Geraldo Perez: Sketch Book Paintings

February 28, 2012 – March 24, 2012

The Blue Mountain Gallery is pleased to present new work by Geraldo Perez. The exhibition is entitled “Sketch Book Paintings.” The work draws from various sketch books, including his “on roll sketch book,” which is 110 yards long by 42 inches wide. Selections from the on roll sketch book will be displayed on a screen. Also included in the show will be his “phone book sketch books” and visitors are invited to look through these intimate “sketch books.”

The essence of the work is conceived before the physical act of creating begins, but it develops and evolves, as we all must in our lives. The evolution never really ends for Perez. He describes his quest to “keep discovering and finding—because it’s all there/here.” He never ceases to discover for disparate pieces—to see them, and to make the connections. The discovery means letting the creative spirit guide his hand. “Letting go is always the tricky part, for me at least- it is always an experiment in faith.”

“Life is not all that we see and not all that we don’t see.”

“Sometimes when I am cleaning my brush and am painting,” he says, “I play around and these beautiful things appear.” It just comes out, as if his brush is a link to the universe. But Perez never really considers a piece “finished.” “I stop… and sometimes go back.” And stopped, the piece is a moment in time and space.

Mr. Perez lives with his family in Manhattan.

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