Guest Artist: Debra Drexler: Pool of Reflection

Guest Artist: Debra Drexler: Pool of Reflection – July 8 – 26, 2008

“Pool of Reflection” is a solo exhibition of Debra Drexler’s new paintings. Drexler is interested in “seeing the potential for light to break through and transform the darkness. It is only through understanding our shadow, that we see how it models and reflects the light in us.”

Debra Drexler writes about her exhibition:
“Humankind has always been capable of violence and horrors, which play out in endless cycles of war, genocide, and other atrocities. These tendencies lately have been accelerated by technology, which threatens to extinguish the natural as well as the human. If humanity is going to survive and achieve its potential, an evolution in consciousness needs to take place. ”

Debra Drexler is a Professor of Painting at The University of Hawai’i, who received an MFA from Southern Illinois University. As an undergraduate she attended Northwestern University, San Francisco Art Institute and Webster University.