Helene Manzo

Helene Manzo  Day/Night

May 26 – June 19, 2021   

Artist present on Saturdays  

The Blue Mountain Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new monotypes and paintings of upper New York State and San Francisco by Helene Manzo. There will be a video interview with Cynthia Dantzig, date to be announced, that will be available for the duration of the show. Helene will be in the gallery every Saturday for the duration of the show. Due to the Covid-19 virus no reception will be held.

The artworks explore the theme of time of day, how light and weather can change what we see and how the play of sunlight and shadow changes during the day and the night. At the varied locations, the light defines surfaces with novel colors, patterns, angles and shadows. While responding to observation, Helene turns these sensations into paintings and monotypes, evoking a sense of place, personal history, memories, and emotion.

The show includes an exploration of “Bramble,” uncared areas of weeds and overgrowth — untamable, tangled, growing in all directions. Nature’s way of returning to the wild.

Artist statement:   Why a Monotype?
monotype is a unique print. The image is made on a clear, clean surface, usually plexiglass. The image is made with ink, and anything that can make a mark  with ink . Brayers (rollers).Brushes, rags, q-tips, cut up Metro Cards, and fingers to mention a few. The image is then transferred to another surface (paper) by passing it through an etching press or utilizing a hand press .

I  am drawn to this process because the resulting print is full of spontaneous energy, unexpected results, and lovely accidents .  Many of these are due to the unpredictably of how the ink transfers to the paper, and many due to the pressure of the press.

It’s a  seductive process. Printmaking informs my Painting and Painting informs my Printmaking.


Recent Exhibitions

Helen K. Manzo – Still Looking : Paintings and Monotypes

February 28 – March 25, 2017

Helene Manzo’s new exhibit “Still Looking” continues the artist’s deep fascination with color and light. The work shown serves as a point of departure for the exploration of form, light, texture and color, while always looking to the bridge that leads from the material, visible, object to the artist’s emotional internal, invisible, reaction to light and space. Color is the dominant element, subservient neither to subject or composition.

What is a Monotype and why do I do them?

 The term “monotype” refers to a print making process that permits the making of only one print. I use etching ink on a hard-non-absorbent surface (the plate). Rollers, cut-up Metro Cards, Q-tips, etc., are some of my markmaking tools. When the image is completed the plate is covered with dampened paper and run through the press. Since most of the image transfers in one pass through the press, only one print can be made.

 I do monotypes because they are both magical and mysterious. There is only one chance to make it all come together. The mystery is how much control is needed to keep the marks fresh and the image compelling, while still making a statement about what I see, dream and feel. It is magical when it all works!


Helene Manzo: Singular Obsessions

October 29, 2013 to November 23, 2013

In her  solo show, Singular Obsessions, Helene Manzo visits and revisits subjects and themes that have long recurred in her paintings and prints.  She continues to be inspired by the energy of the movement of water and the profusion of plant life. Manzo transforms those observations into evocative works that that contain dialogues between clarity and mystery, order and chaos.

Helene Manzo is a founder and member of the artist co-operative Longyear Gallery in Margaretville, New York.  She is also a member of the Monotype Guild of New England and the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, Connecticut.  Her work has been accepted into many juried shows including the MGNE 3rd National Exhibition of Monotypes and Monoprints at the Barrington Center for the Arts at Gordon College juried by Mark Pascal, curator in the Department of Prints and Drawings at the Art Institute of Chicago, and was awarded a juror’s prize.  Manzo was accepted into the Boston Printmakers North American Print Biennial 2011 held at the Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham, Massachusetts.  Jim Dine was the juror for the Biennial and awarded a juror’s prize to Manzo for her Monotype “Monarda.”

Helene Manzo has had one-person shows at Blue Mountain Gallery since 1980.

Helene Manzo  _ PLATTE COVE: Paintings and Monotypes          April 27- May 22, 2010

Helene Manzo is a working artist living in New York City for over thirty years. In the summer of 2008 she was awarded an artists residency at Platte Clove, a nature preserve located in upstate New York. Found on 208 acres of wild, old growth forest and an ancient gorge with staggering multi-tiered waterfalls, it was an ideal setting for Manzo to explore further her deep fascination with water, a recurring theme in her artwork over the years. Manzo sees water as a powerful life force that is ever changing yet constant. She captures its movement, reflections of light, and colors as a counterpoint to the still forest around it.

Her paintings, mixed media and monotypes in this show move freely between the figurative and the abstract, and are a dialogue between what was seen, remembered and felt from her time spent at Platte Clove.

Manzo is founder and member of an artists co-operative, the Longyear Gallery, in Margaretville New York. She is also a member of The Monotype Guild of New England and of Maryland Printmakers. Her work has been accepted in many juried shows, including recently: Endless Possibilities: the Unique Print, juried by Kurt Wisneske, and Unlimited Vision: One-of-a-Kind Prints, both run by MGNE; and a recent show by The New York Society of Etchers and the Monotype Society of New York, juried by associate curator of the Department of Drawings and Prints at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Samantha Rippner. This winter she was invited to participate in an international show at the Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art of Haifa, Israel. She has had an extensive teaching career in fine arts and is proud to be one of the highlighted artists in 100 New York Painters by Cynthia Dantzic. Manzo has shown with Blue Mountain Gallery since 1980.


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