Jan Holthoff: Lost Place

lost place

July 13-31,2010

Reception: Thursday July 15, 5-8pm

Jan Holthoff studied Visual Art at the Art Academy of Duesseldorf, Germany. He completed his dissertation on “Kulturraum Europa” in Baden-Baden, Zurich, and Vienna. He has had various solo exhibitions throughout Germany, Vienna, NYC, Montenegro, and is part of the art collections “Philara” (Dusseldorf, Germany) and “National Museum Buca-Tivat” (Montenegro). He has also co-written numerous art catalogues.

“lost place” gambles on the border between abstract and figurative perspectives. Typical for his approach is that the gestus and errosive structure of the paintings create surfaces and spaces that in a subtle fashion play with the oscillating boundary between nature (as well as individuals) and abstraction.