Jenny Toth

Knights and Rainbows: Metaphors of Motherhood

March 26- April 20, 2019

Reception : Thursday, March 28 from 6-8pm

Video of artist at reception available at NYC Gallery openings

Blue Mountain Gallery presents work by Jenny Toth from March 26  to April 20th with a reception March 28, 6-8 pm.   Titled “Knights and Rainbows : Metaphors for Motherhood,” the show is both a celebration of the fullness of motherhood and a dynamic reflection of the conflict between slow, peaceful observation and the constant whirlwinds of little boys.

Artist statement:

Having two active boys in my early forties really threw me for a loop.  This spinning loop has been loving and joyful, as well as sometimes overwhelming .  As I have struggled to regain my footing as a painter, working directly from observation, I have come to see every new work as a metaphor for my new experiences.  In these last few years, I found myself drawn to chaotic and lively Mexican landscapes, toys that topple or deflate, branches and leaves that criss-cross and tangle. Amid so much life, I search for structure. My work has also begun to be surprisingly influenced by my six-year old son’s drawings, which have taught me something about unbridled artistic fearlessness.  A few of my last pieces are really a collaboration!  



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Jenny Toth’s work primarily focuses on variations of self-portraiture. She combines animal representations with the human form to create fantastical narratives. These narratives suggest inner struggles, especially fear of loneliness as well as fear of intimate commitment. Her powerful images can evoke a sense of anger but also power. These often discordant themes are woven together with humor and imagination. Toth has always been interested in the way women choose to depict themselves. Her view dramatically differs from a stereotypical male’s view of the female model. She chooses to include elements that are not traditionally viewed as beautiful—-a deformed toe, hairy legs, unkempt hair. For Toth, self-portraiture is a harrowing search for identity. Toth is committed to the process of translating forms from life onto two-dimensional surfaces, and so she works from elaborate set-ups and unusual props to transcend otherwise-typical limitations.

Jenny Toth, who attended the New York Studio School as well as Yale for her MFA in Painting, is an Associate Professor of Art at Wagner College on Staten Island.


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