Kim Do

Every once in a while an artist comes along whose work has a freshness and immediacy that astounds you and invites you to share his joy in our natural surroundings. Trees, hills, sky, and water exist in natural light and open air, caught quickly and authentically just as they are, and we find our senses refreshed.
​            Kim Van Do is such an artist. He loves the challenge of painting landscapes en plein air, outdoors, on the spot.  -Elizabeth Boatright, Curator

“Some plein air painters try for speed, some for accuracy: I aim for both.  I enter into an altered awareness, circumventing the second-guessing of the conscious mind. One enters into a flow state, watching oneself paint a painting. Despite the physical challenge, the exigent race against time, there is an effortless quality to the making. When done painting, it takes time to return.” – Kim Do


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