Leslie K. Brill: Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location Mar 29 – Apr 23, 2011

Reception: Saturday, April 2nd from 3 to 6pm

Leslie K. Brill’s fourth solo show at the Blue Mountain Gallery celebrates locations in which she has divided her time over the last several years. She has grouped her work into three series, the first of which she calls “The Ithaca Series.” Brill spends a good part of her time in Ithaca, New York, and her paintings of trees that grace the area are treated in an energetic manner while remaining portrait-like in appearance. Also in this series are paintings of Slope Day at Cornell, works that humorously acknowledge the presence of academic and transient people who populate the city.

In “The Studio Series,” Brill presents us with work done from imagination and not necessarily pictorially faithful to reality. Paintings range from “White” and “Where’s There?”, created for group theme shows, to “Coast,” a dream-like alternative to winter in Ithaca.

Brill shares with us dynamic tempera paintings–each one executed in a few hours while working in a foreign studio in the “While Traveling Series.” Her subjects are the stuff of the studio: plaster casts, a book of photographs and the artist’s own hands.

Connecting all these locations is Brill’s gestural handling of paint and her ability to bring the viewer intimately into each of these scenes­whether we peer into a forest created of enmeshed brushstrokes or come face to face with a group of celebrants in a final send off of their college days or ponder invented landscapes that seem as atmospheric and impermanent as something viewed from a passing train.