Leslie K. Brill: What the Trees Say

Leslie K. Brill: What the Trees Say – October 30 – November 24, 2007

In her third solo show, “What the Trees Say,” at the Blue Mountain Gallery, Leslie K. Brill offers an intimate experience with trees, color, and paint.  Her paintings range from the symbolic to a kind of unique arboreal portraiture. First Tree, for example, reflects the vitality of all trees, while Junction, an utterly different sort of interaction, shows the turgid twists and turns, stops and starts, that are the distinctive markings of one very mature tree.

What Brill chooses to show us deviates from traditional landscape painting.  There are paintings of parts of trees that use flurries of richly-colored energetic marks and yet still manage to retain the dendritic structure of the subject. Brill’s emphasis favors the trees—not in a detailed, botanical sense, but in the organic handling of oil paint and what is either included or excluded in her compositions.  Brill’s work presents the viewer with visual messages from each tree, and ultimately, we are left with a new awareness of trees—and of painting.

Brill now lives in Ithaca, New York, close to the Fall Creek trees that are so inspirational to her work. Brill has an MFA in painting from Ohio State University and a BFA from Cornell University. Since the 1970s her work has shown in galleries from New York to Ohio.

Additional works can be seen at http://www.lesliebrill.com