Margaret Leveson: New Work


NOVEMBER 3-28, 2009

The exhibit focused on Margaret Leveson’s paintings of the studio buildings of the Pakatakan Art Colony, located in Arkville, N.Y, and the surrounding landscape. The Colony, situated in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, was founded in 1887 by artists, including Adah and J. Francis Murphy, Alexander Wyant, Parker Mann, and J. Loyal Field. Many of the oil paintings in this exhibition were first displayed (August 16 to September 30, 2008) at the Catskill Center Erpf Gallery in Arkville, N.Y.

Inverna Lockpez, Curator of the Erpf Gallery, wrote of Leveson’s work: “Some of the paintings…are of sections of houses, others are full frontal views incorporating the land and flora of the area. Architectural details and interiors are abundant…. others emphasize large studio windows. Ms. Leveson’s style is precise, detailing the essence of the structures and evoking of the landscape. The pieces dissolve the boundaries between the land and man-made structures.”

Margaret Leveson and her husband purchased the property of J. Francis Murphy in 1977. She has been using Murphy’s studio since that date.

Margaret Leveson graduated in fine arts from the University of Toronto and obtained her masters from Brooklyn College. She has participated in more than sixty exhibitions around the country and her work is collected extensively.