Marilyn Honigman

Untitled #9, graphite on paper, 9x11”

Untitled #9, graphite on paper, 9×11”

Marilyn Honigman evokes mystery and suspense through her atmospheric drawings of skies–clouds and gathering storms. Her expression of both the representational and abstract aspect of skies speaks to the poetry and the universality of that most personal connection with nature and the environment.

Honigman’s skies are animated. Blink and the clouds have shifted. Her use of graphite is testament to her skill with the medium, and her love of drawing. Marilyn Honigman has exhibited at galleries and institutions in New York and Florida and at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington DC. She has received numerous awards and fellowships.

Ms. Honigman studied at the New York Studio School and received Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Queens College, CUNY, Queens, New York. She has lectured at Queens College, NY and at St John’s University, Queens, NY. Since 1978 she has taught art at Fordham Preparatory School, Bronx, NY, where she is Chairperson of the art department. Ms. Honigman resides and maintains a studio in Queens.

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