Mary Lou Alberetti

Ruins and Remnants       February 25 – March 21, 2020  

Color, texture, rhythm. Fragments from ancient cultures and symbols from the world’s great religions.  These elements shape aesthetic language in a compelling exhibition of reliefs by sculptor Mary Lou Alberetti that will be running at Blue Mountain Gallery from February 25 through March 21.

Alberetti, a professor emerita from Southern Connecticut State University and a Connecticut native, has drawn inspiration from many years of extensive travel and study.  In her works, we experience in poetic shorthand the power of these cultures, and contemplate the positive and negative results when their inherent traditions collide.

On one hand, there is the joyous panoply of archways, columns, crosses and quatrefoils – symbols of the richness of centuries on a global scale.  On the other are the increasing impediments to clear vision that one encounters in her ceramic doorways – seemingly as complex and at times impenetrable as the rusted metal remnants that she overlays.

She has drawn inspiration from the architecture of Italy, Morocco, Spain and Turkey – and melded it with a deep love of nature and an awareness of the fleeting properties of light. In these recent works — imbued with dramatic color and embossed with found materials – we encounter a seasoned artist taking on the viewer and the world– through beauty and with increased urgency.

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Recent Exhibitions:

Mary Lou Alberetti :The Twain Shall Meet
Sept 5-Oct 1, 2016.

Mixed media, oils, and ceramic reliefs comprise the works in Mary Lou Alberetti’s September show entitled The Twain Shall Meet. The artist uses architecture and architectural fragments – inspired by her travels and studies in Italy, Spain, France, Turkey and Morocco – as metaphors for the cultures as a whole. The distinct colors and motifs from these living, breathing cultures influence her works. From these often-ancient places, tradition, beauty, and the patina accrued by time become distilled as layered vignettes, delving into aesthetic and philosophical underpinnings of older civilizations and times.



Architecture is the basis for Mary Lou Alberetti’s mixed media , collage ceramic reliefs and sculpture,.  Both the process and the theme are equally important considerations for the creation of these works. Summers spent in Italy, Spain, Turkey and France provided the resources and inspiration. Architectural references, some literal, some more abstract, offer an aura of timelessness and antiquity through the surfaces of multi-layered colors and textures. The artist seeks to create a poetic quality in her work by capturing the essence of light and color. Integration of media is accomplished by incorporating metals and paper into the ceramic reliefs. Reliefs are inspired by the collages as well as the collages informing the ceramic reliefs.

The work becomes an amalgam of drawing, painting and sculpture. The resulting works reflect fragmented architectural forms, with echoes of collective images of timelessness and antiquity, imbued with the artist’s fresh point of view.

Douglas Clement in an Art New England article (5/87) wrote of her reliefs…Alberetti‘s Tuscan Fragment is full of light and seems freshly plucked from some often–traveled Tuscany thoroughfare on a bright summer day. Alberetti, who has studied architecture in Italy, casts gems in the minute-the pleasant details that can bring back the mood of an entire region. 

Mary Lou Alberetti is a studio artist and professor emerita from Southern Connecticut State University with an MFA degree from Arizona State University. She has a 35 year background in the arts and has worked with numerous art consultants and galleries. Her works are found in civic, private and corporate collections including HBO World Headquarters NYC and the Mint Museum of Art and Design, NC. Her work is found in Sculpting Clay by Leon Nigrosh Sculptural Ceramics by Peter King, and 100Artists of  New England by Ashley Rooney .You are invited to view her works at

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