Marykate O’Neil

Marykate O’Neil was born in a small New England town and currently lives in New York City. Since the mid-90’s, Marykate has released six albums, a few cassettes, and a couple of .45’s.  Her music has been featured in movies and television shows; she has played throughout the U.S. and Europe to big festival crowds and to empty seats in darkened basements. While primarily known for her music, O’Neil has been painting since she could stand. Marykate’s paintings are visual manifestations of her songs — reflecting her independent spirit and pop-sensibility with irony and humor in tact.   Her work is filled with sly- affectionate nods to the New York School (bright colors, thick paint, words, collage-like juxtaposition) and 60’s populist artists while maintaining its footing in representation and story-telling. Whether expressed in song or in paint, her art is an exploration of daily life with an eye that appreciates the bitter along with the sweet; made up of primary colors and chords that are at once catchy and complex.


Marykate is currently working on a piece which seeks to unite her music and painting.  In her words, “I think that as a person who grew up in a small town, I have always felt that it was art that first put me in contact with like-minded people. That, coupled with my being involved in the ‘indie’ music world, I always believed – and still do — in the power of art to build community and connection.  My work is about my obsession with the way the counterculture becomes commodified, tamed and neutralized. But, I don’t mean to suggest that is always a negative thing. I mean, I love the Monkees. I am interested in the diffusion of new ideas into the culture at large, even in its bowdlerized form; and how it reaches people on the outskirts. I am interested in examining that inflection point in our daily lives where things go from being scary and crazy to department store fodder.”


Upcoming shows:

January 20-March 19, 2021 – ‘At the Table’  group show at One Brooklyn Bridge Park, 360 Furman Street (between Piers 5 & 6), Brooklyn, NY — Her painting ‘turkey dinner’ will be there

2023 – Solo show at Blue Mountain Gallery, working title: ‘primary chords and colors’



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