The Paint Goes On!

Six new or re-joining members at Blue Mountain Gallery

July 31 – August 18, 2018

Opening Reception Aug 2, 5 – 8PM

Diverse in approach to painting — be it observational, metaphoric, imaginative or abstract — these six painters share a love of paint as they seek to continue and expand painterly avenues.

Theresa Bartol Inspired by the pre-Impressionist masters, Ms. Bartol’s landscapes are representational in style, yet painted with the eye of an abstract expressionist. She says “To paint nature is to give oneself joyously and completely to the rhythm of the Universal Impulse.”

Pamela Berkeley How strange and wonderful would it be to see portraits of Theresa Russell, Alexandra Swann, and Joe Paradise in an interior with a horse? Or a luscious not so still life with flowers where the vase is also alive? Who can make this up? But Ms. Berkeley says “I paint what inspires me when I see it, to explore it and maybe capture it. “It” might be human, animal, plant, water, fire, sky, weather, landscape, light, shadow, color, glass, fabric, wood. It’s all so beautiful and can take me on a journey of eye to hand. I really can’t make things up.”  We invite you to come and decide for yourself.

Richard Kirk Mills is showing a series of small painterly oil sketches of shifting views from a trio of windows on the west side, location unidentified. No one would choose these particular views of New York and neither did this painter. Mills, given the limited choice, has simply worked with what’s there: changing light, new construction (big surprise), odd architecture, a slice of sky. New compositions arise with every shift of his chair, every turn of his gaze through the glazing.

Katherine Porter’s paintings were described by John Russell in a NYTimes review as juicy abstractions. That’s putting it mildly. At a recent show of hers at Sean Scully Studio she rolled out a sustained dialog between her hand and those of many 20th century icons, often women of great power such as Lee Krasner with whom she shares a determination to push painting forward. Or a Bonnard who knew how to tangle a rectangle with paintings within paintings. Come see what Ms. Porter can do with a square. She’s sure to make it a juicy August in New York.

Marie Van Elder paints the stumps she encounters on her daily walks in the woods of Northern California (and other traveled places) as inner metaphors for struggle, resilience, regeneration, beauty, and the fragility of life.

Jim Weidle in August gives a taste of his upcoming September show at Blue Mountain. Jim is a painter’s painter devoted to the sensuality of the oily stuff while delivering in turn irony, humor, in a taut balance of realism and abstraction. His work careens from storytelling to formalism, pulling back for a long view, zooming in for a closeup. Leaves, landscapes, toys, comics, bikes, cars, roads: you’ll see a lot that seems familiar but from an entirely new and gooey perspective.

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