Pamela Boily

Pamela Boily received her BA in Art Education from Southeastern Louisiana University in 1987 and her MFA in 2013 from Western Connecticut State University. Her paintings depict the conflict between man and nature. Using images of what remains after a hurricane has hit, she creates paintings that not only have a sense of chaos but also a sense of the resiliency of the human spirit.

Artist Statement

         I use images of the destruction from hurricanes as the source for my paintings. Most are found images, but some are photos of my former home in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. I edit, shuffle and recombine images into photographic collages. I choose images that speak to me and need to be expressed in some way. The images dictate the color choices on the paintings. A limited palette is used to suggest loss and chaos where as a more vibrant palette is used to represent the hurricane debris in the clear beautiful days after the storm has past.

            My intent is not to capture reality but to filter my personal experiences into the paintings. Although my work is based on images of the destruction from hurricanes, it is my hope that the work will describe a more universal message. Perhaps the meaning of my work is expanding to reflect the fragility of the human condition and how nature can disrupt an ordered life in an instant. 

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