Read Baldwin: An Exhibition of Landscape Paintings

New Work: An Exhibition of Landscape Paintings

Jul 29, 2009 – Aug 15, 2009 Reception : Thursday July 30, 6-8pm
Read Baldwin is a landscape painter who teaches at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. He paints predominantly in and around the White Mountains of New Hampshire. In his current exhibit there are also images from the preserved National Trust lands in England where he lived in 2007-08. These are places not only of great beauty, but also of environmental significance and part of our collective natural commons. These ecosystems–mountains, moors, and coastal zones–have been chiseled and shaped by natural forces over time and are now being altered by manmade global changes.

The paintings here explore the unique interconnectedness of light, weather, and land in these distinct microclimates. There is a spiritual intensity in these well-worn locations that is depicted through the strong saturation of color and the assertive methods employed in the application of paint. There is also a subtle, purposefully eclectic borrowing of painterly methods from landscape’s long history. For instance, the glazed layering of early oil painting is paired with more modern approaches. This conflation of styles mirrors the places’ relationship to time itself. In the end, this is land that contains the stories of long and complex human and natural histories.