Rose Weinstock: Cloudscapes


Mar 30, 2010 – Apr 24, 2010

Rose Weinstock’s newest body of work focuses on cloudscapes that express a wide range of emotions. The moods vary from the serenity and joyousness of calm blue-skied days with billowy cumulus clouds, to the somber overcast skies of rainy days and finally to the thrilling excitement of vibrantly colored sunsets.

Clouds are temporal; they move quickly. Weinstock relies on a combination of observation, memory, photography and invention to create energetic paintings. In the working process she allows the needs of the painting to dictate changes. At times images of the earthly world are added; sometimes the paintings become abstract. The works in oil paint, oil pastels and chalk pastels vary from large (30×40”) to very small (4×6″).

Born in NYC, Weinstock spends summers in Vermont. Recent one person exhibitions include three at the Blue Mountain Gallery, the Port Washington Library, the Interchurch Center and the Arts Club of Washington. Important group shows include two juried exhibitions at the National Academy of Design and two at the New Jersey Center for the Visual Arts. At two shows at the Heckscher Museum (Huntington, NY) she received citations for excellence, and in two others at the National Association of Women Artists she received the “Best in Show” award.