Rosemary Dunbar: Swimming to Cuba

Rosemary Dunbar: Swimming to Cuba – March 25 – April 19, 2008

Rosemary Dunbar’s show at Blue Mountain Gallery entitled “Swimming to Cuba”, opens on March 25.  The opening reception at Blue Mountain Gallery is on March 27 from 5-8:00pm. The work in the show is comprised of images of swimming and swimmers. The images are often layered, broken apart and put back together to reveal various views.  The vocabulary of her work includes underlying grids, text and symbols relating to the image. The larger pieces are diptychs of oil on paper showing floating bathers or more actively synchronized swimmers.  The smaller scale pieces are oils painted on Cuban cigar box lids removed from their original boxes.  The imagery includes symbols for waves, wind, currents, bubbles — and, dominoes. Traces of text, an underlying grid and the original cigar box design can often be found beneath the surface.  The high-keyed palette gives the pieces a Carribbean disposition, reflecting the years the artist spent in Miami.