During this time of the COVID19 crisis, artists have responded in various creative ways to the challenges of making and sharing their work.  We are posting a series of stories on this page, on our facebook page and we will be sending out emails. To join our email list, go to our contact page and leave us a note.

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view of artist studio

Carol Heft  War and Separation

Carol Heft, whose work is included in the virtual exhibition: Essential Art- Work by Blue Mountain Gallery Artists During the Pandemic, had her exhibition at Blue Mountain Gallery cancelled due to the Covid19 pandemic, to be rescheduled when the gallery re-opens.
A recent publication, High Art Fridays, contains her statement about the cancelled show and an interview with her from early in the pandemic, excerpted here.  Link to the full article


Clifford Thompson, Child and Toy 20x24 acrylic on canvas

Clifford Thompson:  Defiance and surrender

My visual work during the pandemic, based on these four paintings, seems to have two modes: defiance and surrender. The first, Red Guitar in a Bar with Books, shows people gathering in a place with live music, which I haven’t done since this whole mess started and don’t know when I’ll do again—but which I’m free to do, in spite of everything, in a painting.  MORE



Janet Sawyer:  Full ImmersionJanet Sawyer standing in front of her black and white paintings

My husband and I left New York City in March as the pandemic grew and it became scary and difficult to buy food or even have it delivered.  We came to our summer cottage in Montauk where I recently built a studio. Having the space and nothing but time, I am working as much or more than I ever did in the normal course of things.  MORE



Richard Castellana  Joy endangered

I had no intention of doing paintings specific to the Covid19 crisis.  Looking back on what I’ve done, however, I believe the pandemic has affected my work.  The first Variation on a Theme by Matisse, done before the crisis, has an abstracted bush in the foreground; the second, done during the crisis, has a fire, which seemed apropos of the time–joy endangered. MORE



Helene Manzo : A safe place to explore

My work is neither political nor feminist…it is a personal dialogue with paint or ink, emotion, observation, history and intuition. Mark making and color set the mood as the work evolves.
During this time of turmoil, isolation, racial inequality and political unrest, my studio has provided a safe place for me explore and meditate on these problems and try to move forward. MORE


Richard Mills – Carrying on

My wife and I are so fortunate to be away in the country. Daily natural rhythms reassure us with a normalcy, even discounting for strange weather. We carry on, always aware of the crushing reality affecting everyone, everywhere. And the pain and sacrifice of so many souls. And the uncertain future.     MORE



Margaret Leveson : Returning to painting

After the death of my husband, in 2018, I didn’t know if I would ever paint again. Being forced to self-isolate brought me back to myself. I realized that I had to paint. It was what gave meaning to my life.  This has been the most important consequence of my being sequestered in my Brooklyn home: it has brought me back to painting.   MORE




Marcia Clark: In the Studio

Although life is not essentially different these days, I seem to be in a state of suspension. Going into town to shop for food or to the post office requires determination and happens not nearly as often, and each time plays on feelings of vulnerability.  A large painting sits on the easel, inched upon each day and never quite completed.  The painting evolved from a small study done a few months ago in Siena.   MORE


Anne Diggory–  Distraction, Solace and Direction

My work during the pandemic has been affected by my experience of an altered sense of time in which everything seems to be in suspension.  Except for an initial few sessions at my favorite stream, I have been painting mainly in my studio in Saratoga Springs or out the back of my house, fixated on the cloudscapes.    MORE



Jane Beckwith – Loss and Hope

My bedroom is my studio now. The etching press is, of course, back at the College. I have a large work table, illustrated here with my cat in residence. It isn’t Italy, but how fortunate I am to have a big deck outside my kitchen door for an outdoor studio.  MORE



Pamela Berkeley : Painting in the Plague

Painting is second nature to me. The work I do is a joy. I have confidence in it….. . I’ve never had to struggle to paint before now.




  Alakananda Mukerji –Rethinking/Reconnecting

I’ve never been one to take a conservative route with my art, but lately I’ve begun rethinking how to use my time productively with limited sources and materials. While I have tried not to get isolated from the art world, lithographs have become a staple of my work at home.

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