Suzie Buchholz

My work attempts to capture the small moments of joy in everyday life through spontaneous and sincere mark-making, whether with paint, metal or wire.
I don’t like to prethink a painting or sculpture. I just begin, trying hard to pay attention as something special starts to emerge. I am looking to capture that simple, magical moment, which can so easily disappear under the pressure of a heavy hand or an analytical mind.

Sculpting is like drawing for me. There’s that instant when it all clicks, when very few lines come together to deliver all the information, meaning, and emotion.

I like to paint with loose, spontaneous, sincere marks, on big fields of rich, warm, delicious, saturated color. It takes me a long time to make a painting because I add multiple layers, scrape them off, build up texture, scratch it away, until the work reaches a satisfying richness and depth.

My work has been described as minimalist, but for me it is something else. I am exploring unfettered freedom, the joy of simple things and simpler times, a way of transcending the complicated structures of daily life. For me the work is successful when it reaches in and grabs something tender inside the viewer.


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