Tim Ross: Collaged Figuration

July 30-August 17, 2013        Reception Thurs. August 1, 6-8 pm

Blue Mountain Gallery presents the work by Tim Ross in an exhibition titled Collaged Figuration from July 30 to August 17 with a reception Thursday August 1 from 6 to 8 pm. The works in the show are etchings and monotypes that are then reworked with oil stick.

Tim Ross Artist Statement:
I had a dream about a friend who was able to unzip his body and revealed a squirrel inside. He then reached into his fur and uncovered several different animals inside all with more zippers. I think of that dream often when I make my art.

Tim’s images are often loosely based on Tarot cards and tribal art. Both arts often present a singular form of great importance. He is interested in Tarot for their appearance of deeper meaning and layering of interpretations, not as a vehicle of prediction. Tribal art often has the strength of an important artifact, which can impel a modern viewer to rethink their approach to images.

Tim’s work is often based on prints he did in the 1980’s that are then reworked with oil stick and collaged together. The reworking of the prints become abstracted women’s torsos some of which are six feet tall.

Tim received a BFA from Cooper Union and a MFA from Columbia University. He is third author of the book The Complete Printmaker. He has shown at Denise Bibro Fine Art, NYC. Tim has taught at Pratt Institute and is currently an associate professor at Manhattanville College.