WCSU 2016

WCSU MFA Thesis Exhibition 2016

June 21 – July 9, 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 235–8 pm

The Blue Mountain Gallery is pleased to exhibit Western Connecticut State University Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition 2016. The exhibit will run July 21 through July 9 2016. A reception for the artists will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, June 23.
The WCSU Department of Art organizes The Master of Fine Arts exhibition. Within the program there are three areas of concentration: Painting, Illustration and Interdisciplinary Visual Art. This is the terminal degree for practicing artists and their capstone experience demonstrating the personal artistic direction and mastery. This year three M.F.A. graduates will present their artwork:

Meghan Gargano Balliett, of Woodbury, Connecticut, works primarily on paper with graphite, lithographic crayon and ink sticks. A graduate of Lesley University, Balliett described her linear plant drawings with graphite as illuminations of an active and deep connection with her subject. In her large-scale works, she manipulates her artistic materials to create drawings designed to give the viewer a visual and physical experience. “I am inspired by minimalism, nature and Eastern philosophies,” Balliett said. “While working, I prefer quiet and solitude. Meditation has become an important part of my work: I clear my mind before beginning to work, and the act of making the work is itself meditative.”

Charles H. Hollinger, of Washington, Connecticut, is an avid outdoorsman whose love of surf fishing has inspired him to capture light in his paintings and drawings across the full spectrum that he has experienced while pursuing his sport at dawn, dusk and late evening. “This practice has given me the opportunity to see some of the most awe-inspiring sun-ups, sun-downs and all the hours of light preceding them,” he said. “I try to bring forth my understanding and, more importantly, my love of light through the relationship of warm versus cool colors, light versus shadow, and contrasting shapes.” A graduate of St. Lawrence University, Hollinger paints in oils on canvas and board with smooth brush strokes, using atmospheric perspective and muted colors to draw viewers into a motionless and tranquil landscape. Recently his artistic exploration has expanded to works with graphite on paper.

Lauren Elise Reeves, of Orange, Connecticut, is an illustrator whose works convey narrative and purpose, inspired by her childhood experiences with family pets and other animals in the rural Woodridge area where she grew up. A graduate of Andrews University, Reeves’ digitally crafted style reflects her interests in computing and gaming as well as science fiction and fantasy. Her thesis exhibition includes a series of portraits of shelter dogs that she has personally come to know, accompanied by written narratives that complement her artistic portrayals of her subjects’ experiences before and after their rescue. Reeves also will show selections from her “light bulb project,” a series of illustrations of squirrels and the unique ways in which each brings light into the world. “My art work is driven by the idea that we each have a chance to make the world a better place, if we simply believe in the light we carry inside ourselves,” she said. “All it takes is one person’s decision to make a difference.”

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