Western Connecticut State University

MFA Thesis Exhibition 2017

June 20th- July 8th

Opening reception: 5 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, June 22nd


The Master of Fine Arts is the terminal degree for practicing, professional artists. The MFA Thesis Exhibition is the capstone experience of the graduate program, demonstrating a personal direction and mastery in the work of the artists. Seven graduate students will present their work this year.

Christine Armold grew up in Newtown, CT, and received her BA in Studio Art at WCSU. Working primarily in oils and watercolor, she is inspired by memories of people and place, such as summers with her grandmother living at the ocean side. She is interested in the elements of still life combined with landscape and the duality between interior and exterior spaces. Many of her works reflect a passing of time and the beauty of things left behind and forgotten. Exhibiting throughout Fairfield County, Armold has also worked on private commissions.  

Tricia Currie is from North Haven, CT, and received her BFA from Paier College of Art. Working primarily in mixed media on paper, and often large-scale, she creates fluid and expressive works that emphasize figural interaction. Currie draws the bulk of her inspiration from the intense emotional qualities of her past and in her present personal relationships. Her line work is bold and delicate, consequently depicting the rapport between two people. Currie states, “My paintings are intimate, rhythmic narratives, each expressing relatable issues we encounter as emotional beings.” Her work has been exhibited in New Haven and Litchfield counties.

Kirsten Koromilas was born in Staten Island, NY and received her BFA from The Art Institute of Boston. Koromilas currently works on paper, layering wet and dry media to create space and movement. Using various mixed media in a greyscale palette, she explores the impact of memory, experience, travel and ancestral influence. Koromilas explains, “What interests me is not as simple as heritage or familial influence but is more innate and instinctual and not necessarily marked by time. (As I work intuitively, I’m constantly discovering how inextricable this subconscious force is in my work.) It asserts itself surprisingly in each piece.” Her work has been exhibited in Boston, Los Angeles, and also CT, where she currently lives.

Joey Loos resides in Meriden, Connecticut, and received her BA from the University of New Haven.  She has exhibited her work throughout Connecticut, at New Haven’s Open Studios and most recently at Giampietro Gallery. Working primarily as an abstract, mixed media artist, she creates works that are largely non-representational. They reflect on ideas of femininity, memories, and transience, rooted in ephemerality and exploration. Fueled by a love of investigation, Loos uses a combination of paints, fabric dyes, various liquids, feminine products, and other non-traditional materials.

Ellie Nazari was born in Iran and immigrated to the U.S. in 2007.  Moving to Danbury in 2013, she began painting in her mid-thirties and received her BA in Studio Art from WCSU. Growing up in Iran, Nazari has felt “the unbearable heaviness of being a woman in a traditional, male-dominated society”. This feeling became a theme for a series of paintings in which she expressed herself through the use of bold color in acrylic and oil. Her recent figurative works are more minimal in tone and detail in order to exaggerate the emotional impact of form and movement. They are reflections of her interior self. Nazari’s work has been exhibited in several Connecticut galleries. 

Sara Ruiz was born in Lima, Peru. She immigrated to the U.S. to continue her education and graduated from the University of New Haven with a BA in Graphic Design and a BA in Fine Art.  Influenced by her multi-cultural heritage, stories of her family, and childhood memories, Ruiz engages in the inexorable connection between society, identity and environment as source material. She uses soft brushes and a firm palette knife to explore color, a combination of muted and vibrant tones that connect to her homeland. While laying the soft grey grounds in her paintings, she recalls the nostalgic winter skies of Lima.  Her saturated colors abstractly depict Peruvian flora and fauna. Ruiz has exhibited in Connecticut galleries, including Seton Gallery and West Cove Gallery.

Janet Warner traveled the country for five years before heading back to her hometown, where she received her BA in Art from the University of New Haven. Her landscape paintings are often painted on site in New Haven at East Rock. Warner recently started to break from the idea of what it looks like in real-life, to adding her own interpretation of the city. This allows her to investigate a combination of the real and the imagined worlds. Warner explains, “I have been exploring brush stroke, color palette, and canvas size, while keeping the same subject of the city, allowing for a deeper exploration of materials and inventiveness.” Her work has been exhibited at First Street Gallery in New York, West Cove Gallery, Seton Gallery, and The Arts Council of New Haven.

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